E-Reg Coatings is ISO 9001:2015 registered, with fully documented quality procedures. These procedures are adhered to at every stage to ensure all components are pre-treated, coated, inspected and packed in accordance with the customer’s specification. JOSCAR 2025

Quality Policy

To meet customer needs and expectations by establishing and maintaining an environment, which encourages all employees to focus on customer needs and pursue continuous improvement in reliability, performance and the quality of products and services.

Extracts from previous audits

Audit 2010

A very satisfactory visit, QMS and process well controlled with excellent level of traceability of product, staff helpful and knowledgeable.

Audit 2016

Customer focus remains a high priority within the company’s management system. There is very good evidence of the organisations continuing approach to maintaining its management systems, infrastructure and overall environment, in line with its commitment to service delivery and continuous improvement.

Audit 2020

‘The company were well prepared for the audit, all the relevant evidence required was available and presented on request. All staff involved in the audit were accommodating and very knowledgeable’

Audit 2022

Conformity with requirements is demonstrated through corrective and preventive action process, this is well managed.  Continual improvement is embedded into the Management System and demonstrated at all levels of the business.